Single Window


The Single Window system enables Economic Operators to submit regulatory documents only once. These regulatory documents are typically customs declarations, applications for permits, certificates of origin, trading invoices, etc.

The Single Window can also handle the workflows related to these documents involving the connected governmental organizations, which are the Customs and other ones like the Chamber of Commerce, Health and Environment Agencies, Banks, etc.


The purpose of the Single Window is:

  • To facilitate Trade, as Economic Operators have a single point of communication instead of dealing separately with the various government authorities at multiple locations.
  • To increase the efficiency of the government by saving time of all involved parties.
  • To save cost
  • To improve the transparency of processes and ensure equal treatment of Economic Operators, as the execution of each process is logged, and can be monitored against thresholds.

Key product features

  • Allows a staged implementation and therefore allows for strategic planning of the interested governmental Organisations and Agencies
  • Can protect already made investments by being flexible to integrate with other systems loosely or tightly.
  • Allows dynamic definition of messages in order to handle any current and future need for information exchange.
  • Uses flexible techniques for orchestration of processes (workflows) between the different organizations.
  • Is expandable to new services and business processes.
  • Provides Web interfaces and G2B system-to-system communications

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