INTRASOFT International celebrated 2017 – Year of Innovation

Innovation is a key element of our DNA.

Valuing innovation as substantial part of our corporate culture, in an era full of creative challenges, we marked 2017 as Year of Innovation.

The initiative was marked by a series of initiatives, actions as well as external and internal campaigns that will run from January to December 2017, on an international level.


Internal Innovation Competition

INTRASOFT run an internal innovation competition among employees as of May 2017, aiming to further foster innovation as well as entrepreneurship. The final prizes included financial rewards as well as incubation services for the winning team. Our big winner CARMA (Customs Advanced Risk Management Analytics) will be supported by INTRASOFT teams in 2018 as the team brings its vision into fruition.

But it was not only about the winner; the competition drew in over 40 entries from across our Group - SmartPACT, which came a close second after CARMA, is an on-demand insurance coverage mobile applicaiton, based on Blockchain's smart contracts, and is leveraging state-of-the-art technologies.

The competition was a showcase of the broad and diverse talents that thrive within INTRASOFT and it underlined our commitment to innovation and evolution.

Startup mentoring from INTRASOFT International

INTRASOFT International offered mentoring services to existing ICT field businesses or businesses in “under establishment” status. Mentoring Services include Starting a Business, Business Development and ICT. Read more at: StArtUpGreece.


INTRASOFT International supported in mid-2017 SEN JA’s programme “Virtual Business” by providing weekly lectures to high school students on Innovation and Young Entrepreneurship. SEN JA GREECE aims to inspire and prepare young people between 15-18 yrs with experience, that build the skills and competences they will need to succeed in a global economy. Read more at: Senja

ΜΙΤ Enterprise Forum

INTRASOFT International was a Gold Sponsor of the MIT Enterprise Forum Greece Startup Competition, aiming to foster innovative tech startups. We awarded Greek start-up exclusivi with the INTRASOFT Prize, during the MITEF final in the summer of 2017. Read more at: MITEF

Next stop? 2018 Year of Coding!