2018 - Year of Coding

We code every single day at INTRASOFT  we do it very well - so well in fact that we often take for granted just how important this skill set is and will become in the coming years.

INTRASOFT's 2018 YEAR OF CODING is more than just an interesting branding idea. For us, it signifies a 'return to our roots', a strong message that coding, coding skills and the role they play in our evolution, in our future success and in our clients' success remain at the core of our mission. 

We have a great year planned - for the first time we will be launching INTRASOFT's Coding Academy, an institution which we hope will outlive 2018 and go on to acquire its own wings. The aim is to teach pre-teens the fundamentals of coding and introduce to the exciting potential that code holds for their future. 

Furthermore, we will be sponsoring, supporting and actively engaging with organizations that think like we do; NGOs, educational institutes, and schools dedicated to the spread of coding skills across society.

Please keep visiting this web page throughout 2018 as we continuously update with actions and initiatives.


year of coding