MicroFinance Institutions (MFIs)

Over the years the microfinance sector has expanded its financial service offerings to better meet client needs. As the microfinance industry continues to mature, what stands out as crucial is the intensive transformation of their current limited offering that basically constitutes of small loans for emerging entrepreneurs, to the provision of more sophisticated financial services to micro-entrepreneurs and small businesses, including more flexible loan products, savings, insurance, business & personal development training that shall help their clients effectively mitigate the daily hardships they face.

PROFITS®  for Micro Finance Institurions’ powerful Products Generation Engine provides the capability of fast creation of new products and services, which meet the ever changing needs of the market. Products can be promoted individually or as product packages. PROFITS® Business Rule based parametric and modular design allows for expansions and adaptations according to specific needs thus fully covering the current and future business needs of a Banking Organization while its multi-channeling ability fully utilizes modern retail-oriented technologies providing homogenous services across all channels.  

PROFITS®  for Micro Finance Institurions cater for the delivery of financial services to clients that are either individual entrepreneurs and small businesses or group-based clients, where several entrepreneurs come together to apply for loans and other services as a group.