Retail Banking

Retail banking is facing numerous challenges in the crisis and post-crisis era. They range from weak economic growth and protracted high unemployment to regulatory strictures which impinge on allowable fees and interest rate levels, increase capital requirements and raise the cost of doing business.

Further, retail banking is generally still depending on sales, service, transaction processing and risk management infrastructures that are aging. Largely designed and implemented in a different era, to support business strategies, are not as well positioned with new economic, market, competitive and regulatory conditions.

New technologies are emerging, which can provide additional product features and benefits to customers. The Banks should show vigorous agility in responding to the financial as well as market consequences of new, retail-oriented technologies.

INTRASOFT International’s Core Banking Product PROFITS®  has become the system of choice of more than 25 banking organizations internationally helping them face current challenges and excel in the services they provide.

PROFITS® powerful Products Generation Engine provides the capability of fast creation of new products and services, which meet the ever changing needs of the market. Products can be promoted individually or as product packages. PROFITS® Business Rule based parametric and modular design allows for expansions and adaptations according to specific needs thus fully covering the current and future business needs of a Banking Organization while its multi-channeling ability fully utilizes modern retail-oriented technologies providing homogenous services across all channels.