Cards Fraud Management

The solution we offer is based on Alaric’s FRACTALS Fraud Detection and Prevention system. Fractals is a leading intelligent fraud detection and prevention product delivering value to all players in the cards transaction chain - issuers, acquirers, processors, networks and merchants - and for all product types - credit, debit, prepaid or gift card - through a combination of self learning models and user defined rules. It is a complete fraud detection framework which enables proactive, systematic fraud detection and prevention in either real-time, near-time or batch modes. It provides an automated way of analyzing transactions as they arise and of scoring their likelihood of being fraudulent. Fractals is a multi-organization, multi-hierarchy, multi-channel, multi-currency solution and is one of the rare PA-DSS certified solutions Fractals is designed to:

  • Provide users with all relevant information in a single, easy to use application;
  • Generate alerts with a high degree of accuracy and low false positive ratios;
  • Enable the easy creation of User Rules with immediate activation if required;
  • Accept data from third party systems with the minimum of integration effort;
  • Accept data from external data sources.

The key features of Fractals solution include:

Rules plus models

Fractals enables the knowledge and experience of fraud analysts to be combined with intelligent models that are automatically calibrated using Alaric’s proprietary inference techniques based on Bayesian methods. Fractals has multi-level rules, which are rules that can act on the outcome of other rules, as well as transaction data and model scores, to produce actionable authorization decisions.


Fractals fraud models are self-learning – meaning that they self-adapt as soon as a fraud analyst marks a transaction as being fraudulent. Self-learning models deliver a huge improvement in detection rate, a much reduced false positive ratio and a high rate of fraud detection on the first fraud in a run. Self-learning models combined with true real-time, in-flight fraud blocking, deliver exceptional fraud savings.

Fast delivery, implementation and go-live

Integration is a costly and time consuming stumbling block for most fraud solution suppliers. INTRASOFT International and Alaric are experts in integrating payment systems as well as fraud. Utilizing the Fractals’ integration technology, Message Mapper, which enables interfaces between systems to be configured rapidly, usually without any programming, a Fractals’ solution can be up and running very quickly, fully integrated with internal systems and external data feeds including in-flight fraud blocking.