Customer Contact

Communication today is changing, as your customers change the way they interact with their environment. More channels and new devices have made customers more demanding. Keeping them happy is key to maintain your position in nowadays liquid business environment. INTRASOFT International delivers solutions based on leading products, proven in the worldwide market. Our skilled experts are responsible for the solution design, implementation and support giving your organization a steady operational environment.

In a world where every customer seems to have endless choices and every competitor has global reach, your company's customer experience must be attractive and keep them coming back again and again. Assuring customer loyalty is a major competitive advantage in business today. Every customer must be fully embraced. Communication must be seamless across all channels, stable and reliable. Loyalty must be built one interaction at a time, and profitability must be achieved through Return on Relationship.

Overcome the diverse challenges of providing high-end Contact Center and Self-Care services with INTRASOFT International’s Customer Contact Solutions. New technologies such as Advanced Speech Recognition, Speech Synthesis, State-of-the-art Predictive Dialer, Quality Management and Unified Communications, help your organization respond quickly and effectively to customers’ constantly changing needs by delivering superior call management capabilities and utilizing the innovation in communications technologies. Our Solutions provide the solid foundation you need to help build profitable, long-term customer relationships.

INTRASOFT International has long-term established partnerships with leading Customer Contact Solutions technology partners such as Aspect Software, Avaya, Microsoft and Nuance.