Internet / Mobile Banking

For the area of Internet Banking, Phone / Mobile Banking, INTRASOFT International has designed and implemented i-PROFITS® Internet Banking, Phone / Mobile Banking System.

The Technical Architecture of i-PROFITS® is based upon cutting edge technologies, and provides for high availability (built in Load Balancing and Fail over) with minimal configuration efforts.  In addition, the architecture provides for vertical and horizontal scalability so that the Bank can accommodate not only future transactions’ high volumes but can also easily introduce additional functionality.

The Open Architecture of the PROFITS® Gateway platform, upon which i-PROFITS® is based, is designed and developed in such a way so that the proposed solutions not only can interface to any core banking system or third party application but also to be able to accommodate the interface of the core banking system to any other alternative delivery channel. This architecture enables the system to be completely independent of the core banking system in use and serve as the gateway to this core banking system for all alternative delivery channels.

i-PROFITS® provides very rich end user functionality supporting both private and corporate customers as well as  powerful administration tools supporting all “mobile” transactions in a vey secure manner and enabling the system’s ease of monitoring.

i-PROFITS Functional Description
i-PROFITS Functional Description 2.30 MB