It is no secret that radical changes are taking place within the global banking industry. Recent years have shown how the banking and financial services industry has experienced tremendous growth with significant increases in the complexity of banking services fueled by technology savvy customers.

This rapid growth has been met by increased legislation and governmental regulation, a more stringent business and economic environment, competitive pressures and the need for viable applied technologies. 
Banks and financial institutions all around the world must face these challenges while they struggle to dig out of a global financial crisis. The changing regulatory environment complicates each bank’s ability to adapt to the general changes in the market and the complex of global operations. 

Fierce competition with other banks, now tougher than ever, has required the unprecedented level of scrutiny and development of customer services along with the use of innovative technologies. 
Over the years new technology has enabled banks and financial institutions to offer complex products and services. Customers now are requiring banks to provide these services to be in real-time, remote and yet safe and secure as standard for even general banking. 

Because of this, choosing the right investments in technology can bring growth and profit opportunities to your bank or financial institution like never before.
INTRASOFT International as your technology partner will help you realize a return-on-investment that will set your bank for financial institution on profitable course for years to come. 

INTRASOFT International has strategically invested in the financial sector and has incorporated best banking practices and state-of-the-art technologies in its offered software and infrastructure solutions. INTRASOFT International’ offerings constitute strategic choices of some of the largest financial institutions worldwide.

The banking solutions offered by INTRASOFT International are the result of profound know-how of financial market requirements and extensive experience, earned in more than 20 years of active presence as a solutions provider for the Financial Services Sector. Thanks to our successful track record, we have been established as a Major Banking Solutions Integrator and the technology partner of choice for leading banks in Greece and abroad.