Application Management (Loans & Cards Origination)

PROFITS® Loans Applications Management is a fully configurable environment, which allows the authorized user to intervene in a low level parameterization of application forms, with the ability to execute complex algorithms (Credit Scoring, loan account opening, drawdown etc.).

The definition of the inputted fields is defined through a series of parametric screens, allowing the institution to define the provided information, based on its needs, which is directly available to the end user for processing after the parameterization.

Combined with a built-in workflow mechanism, Loans Applications Management becomes extremely versatile and easy for use through a step-by-step initialization procedure.

In addition, through i-Apply BPM Platform and i-Apply Document Management System (i-DMS), INTRASOFT International also offers a comprehensive solution for Loans Application Management.

i-Apply BPM Platform, a product of Relational, is a composite application platform that automates, integrates and optimizes business processes (workflows). It allows users to design process models that define the flow of activities (either human or automated) and then executes that flow and continuously monitors its performance.


The main benefits of building a composite application with i-Apply BPM Platform are:

  • Efficiency: i-Apply BPM Platform automates manual tasks and makes sure the most important tasks are done first and on time. It also provides deadlines, notifications and user-defined escalation actions that put the focus on customer value.
  • Agility: i-Apply BPM Platform composes executable process models via a graphical designer, not with complex code. This results to faster deployment and rapid response to changing demands. Moreover, i-Apply BPM Platform has the appropriate middleware components that allow a process to control discrete activities of external applications without writing any code.
  • Compliance: Process logic is based on rules which reflect business policies and best practices). The process components based on those rules may be shared and reused across the organization. In addition, their compliance to business directives is provable via the secure audit trail that is maintained.
  • Visibility: i-Apply BPM Platform makes processes visible end-to-end by aggregating data from disparate business systems along with human workflow statistics. It displays key performance indicators (KPIs) in management and administrative dashboards.


i-Apply Document Management System (i-DMS) is designed for business organizations that need to manage the creation, storage, retrieval and expiry of information stored in document format. Unlike a file structure on a PC, i-Apply Document Management System is based on a centralized repository that is used to manage the storage of any type of information that could be of value to an organization – and, at the same time, protect the same against loss. i-Apply Document Management System provides the following features:

  • Focused on managing documents, though it is capable of managing other types of digital data such as images, movie files, etc.
  • Each unit of information (document) is self-contained.
  • There are few (if any) links between documents (they may be associated by 'grouping' the items using a classification scheme or taxonomy).
  • Focused primarily on storage and archiving and document life-cycle management including document expiry.
  • Includes powerful workflow for incorporating business processes into the management of the documents.
  • Targeted at storing and presenting documents in their native format (not limited to MS-Office products but including many different information types).
  • Document access may be restricted at a folder or document level. Other security models may also be applied.