iComLoyalty System, designed and implemented by INTRASOFT International, allows your bank to build customer loyalty programs by creating point-based promotions and rewards helping you to identify and retain the most profitable customers.

With iComLoyalty System you can build loyalty programs as services, that will combine all products and transaction types of your bank even if they belong to different departments, information systems or other entities entirely, so that customers can view your bank as one single unit.

Providing easy to use tools, business users can design and deploy complex loyalty schemes, promotions, expirations, redemptions, contributions and customer tiers with very low maintenance costs saving the company both time and money.

iComLoyalty is a multi institution system that allows more than one issuer to be hosted to the same server. iComLoyalty was designed based on SOA so that it can, quickly and easily, be integrated into company legacy systems, web sites and analysis tools. It has a highly scalable loyalty transaction engine so that it can support a large amount of transactions in real time processing.