Cash Reconciliation / Cash Management

INTRASOFT International formed a strategic alliance with SMARTSTREAM especially for the distribution and implementation of TLM Cash Management and TLM CORONA, which are part of the Transaction Lifecycle Management (TLM) solutions. TLM CORONA is the industry-leading reconciliation solution with more than 1000 clients, including more than 75 of the world’s top 100 banks.

TLM Corona handles payment reconciliations for transactions, nostro and internal accounts. It supports all types of accounts, having the capability to manage large volumes, with a very high percentage level of automatic reconciliation. The system also provides for automated exception and investigations handling.

Indicative benefits provided by the solution are: faster time to market, a single browser-based UI, proven enterprise scalability and performance, an open architecture that maximizes technology assets to best effect, etc.

The enterprise-wide, real-time Transaction Lifecycle Management (TLM) software solutions of SMARTSTREAM include:


Market-leading solutions such as TLM Corona and TLM Reconciliations are capable of reconciling the widest range of financial instruments, accounts, positions and processes on a single platform.

Treasury Confirmations

SmartStream's TLM Treasury Confirmations software solution delivers the highest automatch rates to treasury confirmations processing.

Trade Process Management

SmartStream's TLM Trade Process Management software solutions address the post-trade allocation, confirmation, clearing and settlement needs of buy-side, sell-side and custody firms.

Exception Management

SmartStream's Exceptions & Investigations solutions are helping clients to deliver predictability and manageability to create pre-emptive exception management processes.

Cash & Liquidity Management

SmartStream's TLM Cash & Liquidity Management delivers a comprehensive, real-time cash management software solution to support optimal investment and lending opportunities.

Corporate Actions Processing

Supporting the complete corporate actions event management lifecycle from golden record creation to entitlements.

Trade Finance

SmartStream's trade finance software solution for automating all routine banking processes involved in the documentary business.