GENIKI Bank -Upgrade to new version PROFITS® v. 7.0

INTRASOFT International, the leading provider of integrated IT services in Greece, was chosen by GENIKI Bank, for the upgrade of its Core Banking System to the new version of PROFITS® v. 7.0.

Version 7.0 is the newest version of the PROFITS® Core Banking System with a significant number of installations in Banks in Greece and abroad. It has important innovative features and rich and comprehensive functionality in its basic subsystems. It has been enriched with new execution mechanisms, new online / real time features, as well as with a number of new subsystems, fully covering the needs of a modern Bank through an integrated approach.  Some of the innovative features are the following:

  • Rule-based Architecture
  • Full support of Product Packages
  • Risk Exposure Boundaries
  • Multi-design: -Platform, -Scale, -Currency, -Lingual, -Channel
  • Extended Navigation & Drill-down capabilities
  • Function Simulation Capabilities through embedded Simulation Engine
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) using PROFITS® Gateway

new geniki logo

The new version PROFITS® v. 7.0, with 24/7 transaction uninterrupted operation, is a state-of-the-art tool for the Banks, offering flexibility, optimizing internal business processes and reducing operational costs, thus drastically improving customer service.

International Consulting Evaluators have ranked PROFITS® v. 7.0 as a Core Banking Platform of the Future, having evaluated as “impressive” its new and improved capabilities.

With the new version PROFITS® v. 7.0, GENIKI Bank enhanced its capability of instant response to emerging opportunities, by designing and offering rapidly new and innovative products and services to its customers, thus reducing significantly the cost and the time to market. This was achieved through the new “rule-based” system architecture that provides the Bank with the capability to define new functionalities, reporting, payments and interfaces with the use of business rules. These rules were applied and could be dynamically changed, according to Bank policy, without programming and changes to the source code of the system.

Mr. Dimitris Papadakis – CIO, GENIKI Bank, stated: “GENIKI BANK, within its continuous efforts towards improving customer satisfaction, optimizing internal processes and reducing costs, considers this project as a major next step to its long-standing use of the PROFITS© Core Banking System. The strategic partnership with INTRASOFT International ensures the success of the project, based on the mutual efforts for customer-oriented approach, the expertise as well as the very good collaboration until now”.