Panellinia Bank in Greece is formed by all the Greek Co-Operative Banks (16 Banks) and 13 Credit Institutions of Greece. All the (29) twenty nine institutions represent over 150.000 shareholders that are simultaneously all-product users-clients of their institutions. The four largest and most competent of these institutions namely, Pan-Cretan Co-Operative Bank, Co-Operative Bank of Chania, Achaean Co-Operative Bank and Dodecanese Co-Operative Bank together have an 72.06% controlling interest at the share capital of Panellinia Bank. Their controlling interests have been authorized by Bank of Greece. The German central cooperative bank DZ BANK AG participates with 10 %.  Panellinia awarded INTRASOFT International the implementation of the PROFITS® Universal Banking System to support its operational needs as well as to serve the co-operative banks that shall be connected to the system through Panellinia’s PROFITS centralised implementation. The PROFITS® implementation for Panellinia covers Customer and Products Management, Deposits and Cheques System, Third Party Payments, Standing Orders, Loans, Credit Agreements and Limits, Collaterals, Funds Transfer and Swift message generation, Foreign Exchange, Securities and Mutual Funds, Teller and Branch support, General Ledger System, User Security and Electronic Authorisations, Parameters, Parametric Interface Generator, Interface with DIAS Interbanking System, Interface with First Data, Back-Office Treasury, Internet Banking, Management Information Reporting, Letters of Credit, Computerised Tax Services and Co-Underwritting. The co-operative banks that have access to the PROFITS® system through Panellinia are Pan-Cretan, Chanion, Dodecanese and  Dramas.