Corporate Responsibility

In parallel with achieving its commercial objectives, INTRASOFT International has been an integral part of the societies of the countries it operates globally. The nature of the large and complex projects it delivers worldwide, greatly contributes to economic and social growth, improved living conditions and national prosperity. In addition, as an active 'corporate citizen', it consistently supports Corporate Social Responsibility practices and initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life of both its own community of employees and society as a whole.

In 2002, the INTRACOM Group of companies founded Athens Information Technology (AIT), an internationally-renowned education and research center in the fields of information technology, telecommunications and innovation management, which offers academic programs (undergraduate & graduate) in partnership with Harvard and Carnegie Mellon Universities in the USA and Aalborg University in Denmark.

INTRASOFT International has integrated responsibility into the management systems it has developed and which are certified by accredited bodies.

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