In parallel with achieving its commercial objectives, INTRASOFT International has been an integral part of the societies of the countries it operates globally. The nature of the large and complex projects it delivers worldwide, greatly contributes to economic and social growthimproved living conditions and national prosperity. In addition, as an active 'corporate citizen', it consistently supports Corporate Social Responsibility practices and initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life of both its own community of employees and society as a whole.

Feel free to go through our CSR Policy for in-depth information regarding our CSR strategy and culture.

Take a moment to go through INTRASOFT's 2017 - Year of Innovation and 2018 - Year of Coding actions.

INTRASOFT International's Annual & Sustainability Report for 2020.

INTRASOFT International's Annual & CSR Report for 2019.

INTRASOFT International's CSR Report for 2018.

INTRASOFT International's CSR Report for 2017.

You can also download the pdf accessible file versions for INTRASOFT's 2017 & 2018 CSR Report.

INTRASOFT International has integrated responsibility into the management systems it has developed and which are certified by accredited bodies.

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