Ongoing ESKORT Projects

Ministry of Finance and Economy - Greece
Integrated Auditing Services Information System for Ministry of Finance and Economy in Greece

The Ministry is undertaking a substantial modernization project. As a part of this activity the Ministry is implementing a modernized, integrated auditing services system based on the ESKORT Compliance Solution. The system will aim to improve the services provided to the citizens and to improve performance end effectiveness of audits carried out by:

  • Tax Auditing Services
  • Special Auditing Services
  • Customs Auditing Services
  • Financial Inspectorate

The solution includes substantial consultancy, integration and customization and includes the majority of the ESKORT Standard Systems including:

  • Selection
  • Case Management and Tracking
  • Audit Support
  • Computer Audit (Sesam)

The new integrated audit system is expected to be operational for 2500 users countrywide.

Please note that this list is not intended to be an exhaustive list of ongoing ESKORT projects.