Maintenance and Support of an ESKORT System is typically handled through a 3-tier maintenance hierarchy comprising:

  • the Customer Support Organization – which is responsible for maintaining the systems customer-specific configuration, for confirming and documenting errors reported by individual users prior to submission to the supplier for rectification and for providing support to end users within the customer’s organisation. The Customer Maintenance Organisation typically comprises both super users and technical staff; 
  • the 1st Level Support Organisation – which is responsible for initial trouble shooting of errors submitted by the Customer Maintenance Organisation and for basic support of the customer’s super users. 1st Level Support is typically provided by a locally based partner;
  • the 2nd Level Support Organisation – which is responsible for rectifying errors that cannot be handled by the 1st Level Support Organisation and for advanced support of the customer’s super users. 2nd Level Support is provided by the ESKORT Support Team at Intrasoft international Compliance Solutions.

Unless otherwise agreed, contact with the supplier support organization is through the Customer Support Organisation. Individual end users of ESKORT Systems are required to contact their Customer Support Organisation in the event of a requirement for maintenance or support.
Requests for support from the Customer Support Organisation must be directed through the local support contact in the 1st Level Support Organisation or, in the event of difficulties, directly to the ESKORT Support Tream in Denmark via e-mail at

The specific maintenance and support terms for each customer will be subject to a Maintenance and Support Agreement to be entered into with the customer, in accordance with the general ESKORT  Support Model.