ESKORT Support Model

In every ESKORT System there are 3 aspects of the system which need to be maintained and supported:

  • The domain content of the system – knowledge bases, help files, reference material, etc.
  • The system’s configuration – internal data model, data mapping, calculation algorithms, etc.
  • The system’s core functionality as represented by the relevant parts of the ESKORT Compliance Platform and all modifications made to these parts in connection with the establishment of the specific system. 

Intrasoft International Scandinavia A/S provides tools which enable the customer to maintain the first two parts (the Customer Maintained Part or CMP) of the system itself. The normal split of responsibility is that the customer’s end-user organization is responsible for maintaining the first of these parts, while the other often requires the involvement of the customer’s IT department. Responsibility for maintenance and support of the third part of the system (the Supplier Maintained Part or SMP) is provided by Intrasoft International Scandinavia A/S and its local partner under contract.

The CMP should be maintained by the customer on an on-going basis as circumstances demand – e.g. the tax laws change, customs avoidance behaviour changes etc. Once the CMP has been updated the system must be tested by that part of the customer’s organization responsible for operational roll out. Thereafter it can be released to the end-users. Such a release is termed a User Release.

The SMP is maintained with varying frequency depending on which maintenance services the customer elects in its maintenance contract. When the supplier has made corrections to the SMP these are released to the customer in the form of a Technical Release. The customer must then integrate this change with any changes to the CMP (if there have been any which coincide with the SMP) and test the system before making a User Release.