The solution

Good compliance work is a delicate balancing act. As corporations grow in size and structural complexity; as customs and tax laws evolve in complexity; as the demands from the public and the legislature for better service and greater accountability increase; as tax evasion, smuggling, fraud and security breaches take on increasing proportions …. revenue (customs and tax) authorities must achieve a balance between:

  • managing the risk of non-compliance
  • improving voluntary compliance
  • providing the right service at the right time
  • increasing efficiency
  • treating taxpayers and traders consistently and fairly
  • optimising revenue within the existing legal structure

The ESKORT Compliance Solution is an integrated suite of systems that provides optimal support to revenue authorities in pursuing these objectives by supporting all the main compliance business processes. The ESKORT Compliance Solution is currently recognised as the leading, if not only, compliance solution providing complete, integrated coverage of the compliance domain.