ESKORT Compliance Solution

The ESKORT Compliance Solution is an integrated suite of systems providing support for all the main compliance processes within a taxation or customs authority. Broadly speaking the business processes currently supported by ESKORT, include:

  • Taxpayer/Trader Risk Profiling
  • Risk-based Case Selection
  • Returns and Declarations Risk Screening
  • Customs Clearance Risk Analysis
  • Field and Desk Audit
  • Computer Audit (or IT-Audit)
  • Debt Collection
  • Discovery (of non-filers)
  • Complex Decision Support

In recognition of the fact that there is a substantial degree of commonality of need across the different authorities, a number of ESKORT Standard Systems, representing the main compliance activities undertaken by these authorities, have been developed. These ESKORT Standard Systems, which can be customized and configured to exactly suit a customer’s individual needs, are based on the ESKORT Compliance Platform, which is a configurable set of applications and modules supported by a comprehensive configuration tool, ESKORT Designer.

Today the ESKORT Compliance Platform embodies more than 1000 person-years of effort, a starting point that is difficult, if not impossible, to replicate.