ESKORT Standard Systems

Intrasoft International Scandinavia's experience in developing and implementing compliance systems since 1985 has shown that there is a definite commonality of needs among the revenue (customs and tax) authorities of the world. Furthermore there is an increasing desire among these authorities (as is the case with most other public authorities when acquiring new systems) to reduce the risk involved in bespoke development. As a result we have developed a set of generic compliance systems (which we call ESKORT Standard Systems) which reflect the most commonly occuring compliance needs. 

These ESKORT Standard Systems are ‘ready-to-install-and-configure’ for prototyping purposes. The objective is to facilitate customers in starting a project quickly and, using a RAD-type approach, to be able to get a representative operational system up and running relatively quickly. In this way the customer is able, for a reasonable cost, to evaluate the basic functionality in a real life, working environment, and then iteratively proceed to a full blown system by gradually increasing the complexity of the configuration or by adding more functionality and adapting the standard system to support various customer specific needs.

By staying fairly close to the functionality offered within an ESKORT Standard System, customers are able to implement an initial solution within a reasonable span of time, at a reasonable cost and with relatively low risk.