Case Management & Training

An essential part of efficient compliance work is the capability to direct the compliance process, to monitor the progress of actual compliance activities and to extract performance information relating to work undertaken.

Amongst other things the ESKORT Case Management & Tracking System provides the means for participants in the compliance process to:

  • have complete electronic information about their cases at their fingertips at any point in time;
  • electronically direct the flow of cases between the different players in the compliance process (and even between players in separate, but interlinked processes)  in accordance with a pre-defined range of options that relate to the current state of the case and the organizational hierarchy which the case falls under;
  • monitor, and if necessary influence, the progress of their cases, including re-allocation of cases in the event of the current allocations not yielding the required results;
  • report on the status of their cases - using standard reporting tools, ESKORT Case Management & Tracking can produce extensive performance statistics for use, amongst other things, in assessing the overall effectiveness of the compliance process;
  • capture administrative information (expenses, time etc.) relevant to their role in the case (optional).

An important feature of the system is that users can carry out the above actions both on those cases that they are directly working on themselves and those that are being worked on by staff members reporting to them. In this way managers and supervisors have the capability (within the bounds allowed by the actual configuration) to overwrite the actions of their staff.

All actions are logged, providing an audit trail of the whole process from cradle to grave.


The key benefits of the ESKORT Case Management & Tracking System include:

  • developed specifically for the needs of compliance case management;
  • high configurability - covering, amongst other things, the ability to reflect widely different work-flows with different context sensitive action options at each stage of the work-flow (where actions that the user can perform are defined by the user role they are given), different organizational hierarchies, different reporting requirements and different case information display options;
  • capability of linking all parts of the compliance process (from case identification and allocation to case completion) into a coherent and integrated work process leveraged on the availability of an electronic case folder which follows the flow of the case;
  • provides management with complete control and overview of the entire compliance process at all times;  
  • generation of comprehensive performance indicators enabling flexible and easy-to-use, on-line reporting capabilities (standard and  ad-hoc reports) based on standard reporting products to provide:
    • current and comprehensive status of daily activities;
    • activity history for use in planning in areas such as resource allocation, training, hiring, and budgeting.
  • complete integration with other ESKORT systems ensuring a smooth transition from one phase of the compliance process to the next;
  • possibility of integration with other work-flow systems and integrated tax administration systems.

For more information please contact us or download the attached Fact Sheet below.

ESKORT Case Management & Tracking 2012
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