Computer Audit (SESAM)

With more and more accounting data now available in electronic form there is an increasing need to provide all auditors with a computer-audit tool. ESKORT Computer Audit (also known as SESAM), is a sophisticated data import, conversion and analysis tool designed by tax auditors specifically for use within the area of audit. SESAM is rapidly gaining recognition by auditors around the world as the ideal tool for widespread computer-audit use - especially for the actual analysis work, where there is a serious lack of IT support.

SESAM consists of two independent modules, SESAM Conversion for the import and conversion of data from the taxpayer's accounting system and SESAM Analysis for the analysis of data.

SESAM Analysis

SESAM Analysis is a modern, easy to use tool for analyzing various types of accounting data -  for example the general ledger, purchase ledger, sales ledger, salary system and inventory system. Modern company accounts are multi-dimensional and the design of SESAM supports the analysis of accounting data based on these dimensions. With a simple "point and click" via SESAM’s intuitive Windows-based interface data can be viewed and analyzed in any specified dimension.

With SESAM Analysis auditors have easy access to all analysis functions through one main screen. From here they can quickly browse, search, group, stratify and classify accounting data. Furthermore, filtration facilities can quickly select certain transactions based on specified criteria. In addition to selecting transactions of particular interest, Sesam Analysis can select a random sample. Standard statistics can also be produced from the accounting information.

  • Display transactions which meet certain criteria
  • Sorting on multiple columns (fields)
  • Search for specific text strings
  • Perform statistical analysis and sampling
  • Use the Fast-Find function for quick automated analysis (outlier extraction)
  • Perform standard audit functions such as displaying nonbalanced vouchers, verifying totals
  • Find duplicates and checking sequences (gap analysis), 
  • Distribute transactions within intervals (stratification) to highlight the structure, trends and patterns within the data set
  • Link two or more tables of related data sets
  • Expression builder for defining numeric or string manipulations to be used in connection with the creation of virtual fields
  • Drag and drop technique for tailoring the order of tabs and columns
  • 'Automatically' import and convert data directly from accounting packages databases using scripts
  • Export to clipboard, text report, Excel, dbf
  • Audit log

SESAM Conversion

SESAM Conversion is an efficient tool for importing data from accounting systems. It supports the import of data from a wide range of accounting packages and data file formats without having to resort to complex macro programming. This ability to import a range of file formats makes it easier for taxpayers to provide accounting data in an electronic form. SESAM also supports processes such as automatic interpretation of debits, credits and decimals, file joining and merging, data cleansing, file concatenation and character/symbol conversion. With its high level of automation, SESAM-supported conversion reduces the risk of conversion errors and minimizes the time required for data conversion.

  • Import a wide range of file formats (text reports, PDF's, Excel, delimited files, database table files, ...)
  • Convert data from a range of accounting systems
  • Join and merge (append) multiple data files in one go
  • Convert symbols and characters
  • Cleanse source data
  • Quickly validate converted data
  • Perform large parts of the conversion process almost automatically

ESKORT Computer Audit (SESAM) 2012
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