Trade Enablement

Cross-border trade is a catalyst for economic development. Governments are challenged to lower trade barriers such as complex Customs regulations, eliminate non-transparent procedures and rectify a lack of appropriate IT systems. However, due to high transaction costs, domestic businesses are denied access to global markets and multinational enterprises are reluctant to invest in countries with an adverse trade climate. In response to this, in 2013 the WTO member states concluded the Trade Facilitation Agreement to simplify international trade, reduce trade costs by 12.5% to 17.5%, boost the job market and reduce poverty.

To this context INTRASOFT, being in the Customs domain for Federated and National Customs since late 90’s, has been participating in the Trade Enablement evolution with business advisory services and IT Solutions, and thus facilitating both the National Governments as well as the Trading community to simplify processes, accelerate procedures and seamlessly integrate the information flow among the intermediate stakeholders and other Governmental Agencies