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Hello World!

Have you ever thought about your purpose of existence, literally!? I know, it's a complicated thought.


So, the magic of sharing -in any meaning of it- is tremendous. If you start sharing your success, directly your serotonin amount will take off and you will smile for the rest of the day.

If you help someone or you care about her/his sharing moment, the same thing will happen; you will definitely make her/his day a lot better.

In general, if you start sharing, you may help someone. When you help someone, probably you will not start to change the world, but for sure you may change someone’s life within the world.


This preamble has driven us to the story, of Angular Athens community’s journey.

The main goal of the community is to bring passionate people together, so don’t hesitate to join the community with a speech!


Before I start with my personal experience on this journey, I would to say how lucky I am to have met the following kind, positive and genius people (Katerina Skroumpelou, Lena Lekkou, Aris Bampakos, Stefanos Lignos, Giannis Smirnios; thank you all so much!).


My first speech within the Angular Athens community took place at the #2 meetup, on July 2018. My first reaction was kind of scary. I was wondering: “Oh, how can I give a speech while parts of my body are trembling!?”.


After the first couple of minutes within my speech, I felt an intense sense of satisfaction, I felt a vivid part of the audience. At this very moment I have realized that I was able to share my passion to a crowd that was paying attention to my presentation. I couldn’t wait for my speech to be over so that I could have the chance to start chatting with my colleagues and the event’s attendees; what I had ahead of me was a creative brainstorming discussion with people I never knew before.


My second speech took place at Angular Athens’ 3rd meetup. The truth is that the room felt homier. I couldn’t wait to welcome my friends at the INNOVATHENS lobby and share all the new Angular stuff I have learned in the meantime. The vibes were so powerful, since more than 130 attendees embraced all this effort!


Dear Angularians, you are more than welcome to join the community!


*feel free and start sharing, maybe is the base of existence purpose


See you around,



Author: George Sisko.