exponential marketing

According to MIT Press, Technological Singularity is “the idea that ordinary humans will someday be overtaken by artificially intelligent machines or cognitively enhanced biological intelligence”.

A “Black Mirror” scenario? Maybe, a couple of years ago. But today, due to our rapidly changing world with artificial intelligence, IoT, Autonomous vehicles -just to name a few- singularity is a real-life scenario.

With exponential technologies influencing our every day lives, our communications couldn’t possible stay the same.

Marketing plans, creative ideas and strategies are also being impacted and we will see more changes coming in the future.

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data are definitely setting the pace for the future of Marketing. But what do we really mean by A.I.?

exponential marketing

Since A.I. is an extremely broad sector, let’s take a look at the area that is more relevant to marketing. Machine learning and the way it will change the way marketeers view their work.



What do we mean by machine learning? Well, you are actually experiencing machine learning in various assets of your everyday life. From targeted Ads to your online shopping. So, what’s so great about it? It can reduce the imprecise nature of marketing with the use of behavioral data and it can actually turn the notion of “real-time” phase into a reality. But the big change is the ability to give consumers what they want before they even know they want it. And most importantly do it with real substance, informed by the data collected and not randomly to uninterested consumers.

Substantial and sharp insights are also creating a creative playground for brand specialists and creatives who try to interpret the sentiment and psychology of their target groups. Now, they can play around with their messages in real-time, according to their consumers comments, replies and actions.  And it’s no longer a guessing game, it’s based on hard facts.

exponential marketing



It may not be a totally new world, but it’s definitely a changing one. We are living in a fast pace world, where change is the new norm and resistance to evolution, can only bring ominous results.

The way we interact with our consumers has changed radically and will continue to change. Keeping up with the accelerating rhythms can seem daunting. But excitement needs to be the dominant feeling as marketeers now have a variety of tools and technologies at their service and consumers are offered tailor-made experiences, based on their unique needs, and not just another product. 

Riding the waves of change and innovation can be really exciting and rewarding!


Author: Maggie Pouplis.