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intrasoft marketing tech

Marketing within the Tech world

04 Sep 2018

The Tech world is at center stage right now and somehow, things have shifted creating new needs and bringing attention to areas that formerly belonged strictly under the marketeers’ lens. Engineers now realize that in this new reality of almost 2.500 daily app launches (across the two-star app...

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intrablog ux design

Good UX Design starts with common sense

30 Jul 2018

Common sense, such an intriguing word. It seems that we are all born with it, since the notion of the word implies exactly that. And yet peanut packages need to have instructions written on them. So, is common sense really so common? It wasn’t until mid-19th century that the science...

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intrablog agile waterfall

Agile vs Waterfall: which methodology is right for your project?

13 Jul 2018

Methodology. Whisper that word as you walk through any office halls and watch its effects unfold. Especially if a project manager hears you! Now why is methodology such an obsession, in the world of PMs? Let’s start with the definition. Methodology is the framework of your projects processes and...

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intrablog blockchain

Blockchain: a high-level introduction

12 Jul 2018

The year of 2009 saw the dawn of a new revolution. Blockchain - the innovative backbone technology behind Bitcoin - emerged as a potentially disruptive force capable of transforming the financial services industry.

Since Bitcoin’s launch in 2009, blockchain has received...

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digital analytics intrablog

Digital Analytics: what gets measured, gets improved

03 Jul 2018

Numbers define us in our everyday life. Our age determines if we are young or old, our weight if we are overweight or not, our height if we are tall. It is not easy to realize it but all the factors that determine our everyday status are numbers. So why not in business too, in...

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intrasoft blog

6 ways to be more efficient in an agile team

08 Jun 2018

You’ve heard about agile teams, you know what an agile environment is, and you are probably thinking this is just another explanatory blog post. Think again. Just like you’ll have to do with your agile team.

If you want to be efficient within your agile team, you need to rethink...

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intrasoft blog

Employee engagement. More than just a corporate buzzword.

07 Jun 2018

In this fast driven, digital world we are all used to this constant movement of words, expressions, concepts and techniques that appear out of the blue, stick with us for a while and then just disappear. We like to call them “flavor of the month terms”.

Is Employee engagement just another...

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