INTRASOFT International has been actively involved in the Transportation Industry for over a decade offering comprehensive and state-of-the-art solutions in:

Commercial Port Management Systems

For over a decade Intrasoft International has been actively involved in Port Management IT Solutions and has built a strong and knowledgeable team of experts and consultants specialized in port operations. INTRASOFT International’s solutions address the full range of modern commercial port needs, by providing distinct IT systems that cover a variety of different sub-domains.

Maritime Safety Systems

Since 2000, INTRASOFT International has been actively involved in the implementation of Vessel Traffic Systems. Our successes so far rely on a blend of world-class partnerships, excellent product selections and profound implementation skills.

VTS and VTMIS systems are based on leading-edge solutions coming from internationally accredited vendors such as Lockheed-Martin. The implementation of the network of Radars, Relays, RSSs, CCTV Cameras and Meteo Stations is based on a selection of the best technology available on the market, combined with Intrasoft International’s special skills in technological integration.

Postal Information Systems

Intrasoft International is providing IT solutions for Postal services since 1999, utilizing a mixture of international partnerships, own products and state-of-the-art services.

Front-office system provides postal counter operations automation. Intrasoft International has partnered with the world-leading company ESCHER GROUP and has built a set of concise applications on the latter’s WebRiposte platform with many extensions providing rich and fully flexible functionality.