INTRASOFT International is one of the leading providers of professional services to the European Institutions. Backed by a strong team of IT professionals, our current practice allows us to meet customer demands efficiently. Moreover, the demands are then effectively integrated in our customer teams. We can assure continuous services thanks to the high degree of stability and availability of our IT professionals. Our HRM framework is one of the foundations that make our organization so successful in the provision of IT experts. This framework entails planning and preparation functions, as well as dedicated personnel selectionmonitoring and control, and continuous improvement.

INTRASOFT International has an extensive experience and deep know-how in managing outsourced IT operations based upon industry's best practices. Our services span across a wide area of IT-related fields including:

  • IT Resourcing & Professional Services
  • Application Management Services
  • Infrastructure Management & IT Support
  • Service Desk Outsourcing