Transformation of public administration is inseparably linked to the vision of e-Government and the introduction of methods and tools within the public sector that promote good governance. Effectivenessreliabilitysimplicitycommunicationcost-efficiencytransparency and accountability are keywords for governments globally that aim to improve their operation, as well as to deliver high-quality services internally, as well as to their citizens.

Having built an extensive knowledge base in this area, INTRASOFT International is providing IT solutions & services for public sector that streamline internal processes and provide a wide range of G2GG2B and G2C services in various public sector domains. Our solutions cover horizontal e-Government needs (e.g. e-Gateways, e-Procurement, Portals, etc.) as well as vertical business areas such as CustomsTaxationPublic FinancialsSocial Security & Healthcare and Justice.

INTRASOFT International’s strength in the public sector market lies in its:

  • Deep business understanding of public administration’s organizational structures, key policies and procedures,
  • Ability to monitor all major policy developments at an EU or worldwide level which will drive future public sector’s initiative at a national or regional level,
  • Broad technological know-how and project implementation capacity

Moreover, the company capitalizes on worldwide partnerships and synergies it has developed with leading international technology firms. Its customer-base includes ministries, large citizen service providers and public agencies in Europe, Middle East, Africa and CIS countries.

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