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intrasoft press release

INTRASOFT in new Bahrain deal

14 Mar 2018

Luxembourg, 15 March 2018 - INTRASOFT International, the global ICT company, has been selected to provide Bahrain’s Social Insurance Organisation (SIO) with an integrated solution covering the automation of its business operations with focus on Pension...

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wellness week

INTRASOFT’s first ever Wellness Week in Athens

12 Mar 2018

This week’s goal is to work hard on our well-being. We are excited to be celebrating the first ever INTRASOFT Wellness Week, in our offices in Athens!

From March 12th to March 16th all INTRASOFT International’s...

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intrasoft presents


09 Mar 2018

We have long been interested in creating direct channels of communication with the markets in which we operate. The idea of the ‘INTRASOFT presents’ events was born out of this desire to reach out.

The recipe is simple enough. The events are designed in a...

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GDPR in 5 steps

08 Mar 2018

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is the latest EU data protection framework that has been implemented and takes the form of a regulation. It won’t be long until the beginning of its official operation, which is...

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