NOMOS Legal Information Services

NOMOS ( ) Legal Information Data Base constitutes an innovative and all-inclusive service of valid, reliable and prompt legal information, constantly enriched and updated. It is primarily addressed to the legal, technical and financial circles of the country, the broader public sector, the private companies, legal entities of public and private law, freelancers and the general public. NOMOS' main features are: convenience in use, quality and adequacy of information and multiple ways of quick searching, tracing and retrieval of legal information. NOMOS incorporates elements from the Greek Legislation and Legal Precedents, such as:

  • Laws in force from the establishment of the Greek State up to date and linking of the statutes to the interpretative jurisprudence press articles
  • Operative decrees, Ministerial Resolutions, Acts of the Council of Ministers, Acts of the Governor of the Bank of Greece
  • Collective Labour Bargaining
  • Abrogated Laws and other Statutes issued after 1944
  • Compliance of the Greek Legislation with the Community Legislation and linking to the relevant European Union Legislation
  • International treaties and inter-state agreements
  • Important interpretative circulars
  • Abstracts and full texts of the recently published rulings of the Supreme Court and the State Council and of the remaining important Legal Precedents after 1982 (the rulings characterized as important are the ones published in the approximately 35 legal magazines of the country)
  • Bibliographical documentation and abstracts of articles and studies, published after 1975
  • Abstracts, extracts and full texts of particularly important consultatory responses of the State Legislative Body or other advisory bodies or commissions of Public Administration
  • Juridical elements, Instructions, Rulings, Acts, Decisions of Legislative Bodies and the European Court of Justice
  • Full texts and summaries (in the Greek language) created by CELEX European Union bodies

Indicatively, NOMOS' users fall into the following categories:

  • European Union (Council of Ministers), European Commission (Brussels) & European Parliament (Luxembourg), UN
  • Greek Parliament - Prime Minister's Office - Ministerial Council
  • Legal Council of State
  • The entirety of Ministries (Legal Services and various Departments)
  • The entirety (approx.) of Banks and a considerable number of Public Owned Companies, Organizations, and Entities of the Public Law
  • Higher Education Institutes (Universities, Polytechnics etc.)
  • Large Social Security Funds
  • A large number of private corporations, companies, industries, and Entities of the Private Law from all parts of Greece
  • A substantial number of Regional and Local Authorities from all over Greece
  • Thousands of Judges of Civil Law with individual subscriptions from all over Greece
  • The Thessalonica National School of Judges
  • The Judges of the Auditors' Council
  • The Members of the Legal Council
  • Thousands of Athens attorneys
  • Almost the entirety of the country's Bar Associations (50 Bar Associations out of a total of 58)
  • The entirety of Administrative Judges (through their Union)
  • The District Attorneys of Greece (through their Union).


Furthermore, NOMOS has developed and supports the operation of the following specialized Legal Databases:


Legal Information for Notaries via the specialized TAX REVIEW database. Since 2003, NOMOS, in cooperation with the Notaries' Councils Steering Committee, created the specialized TAX REVIEW database to cater for notaries' needs. INTRASOFT International currently provides technical and legal support to the TAX REVIEW Database.


Legal Information for the members of the Technical Chamber of via the specialized TCG/NOMOS database. INTRASOFT International has developed and operates a technical information database for the members of the Technical Chamber, while supporting TCG members in accessing NOMOS for their legal information. TCG/NOMOS operations are similar to those of NOMOS with the addition of more specialized technical features which cater for the special needs of the TCG members (engineers, technicians).


Legal information for accountants, taxation officers, Ministry of Finance personnel through the specialized TAX REVIEW database. In 1996, INTRASOFT International created, in cooperation with the TAX REVIEW for the Panhellenic Association of Taxation Officers, the specialized TAX REVIEW Legal Information Database to cover the needs of accountants, tax officers, etc. TAX REVIEW's operations are similar to those of NOMOS with the addition of more specialized technical features which cater for the special needs of Ministry of Finance personnel.


Since 2003, NOMOS incorporates a legal FORUM for the users of the above 4 databases, in which, on a daily basis, thousands of users exchange views on legal issues and assist each other in the solution of their legal problems.