INTRASOFT SCOPE’s own multichannel analytics platform, VARID, is a powerful, integral tool for every communication practitioner.

A flexible and customisable suite, VARID, provides a unified view of cross-channel digital communication effectiveness.

Its capacities range from web analytics and the measurement of owned social media effectiveness, to scanning the web to identify and analyse mentions concerning our clients’ fields of interest.

The analysis performed and showcased by VARID constitutes of three main pillars:

  • Web Analytics
  • Social Media Channel Analytics
  • Online Listening


Because it helps you:

  • Optimise your web communication strategy
  • Keep track of your brand image around the web
  • Identify user acquisition and behaviour in your website
  • Measure and analyse the impact of your social media marketing efforts
  • Evaluate the efficiency of your advertising campaigns
  • Align your communication tactics with your objectives

We see measurement as part of the communication process

A measurement cycle model is implemented, spanning from the identification of communication goals to data-driven tactics optimisation.

Our customisable analysis framework measures various qualitative and quantitative figures to indicate the impact of our clients’ promotional efforts on the attitude of receivers of their communication messages.

Our workflow is simple and efficient

We monitor, we analyse and then we report, via our cutting-edge analytics dashboard.

Learn more about VARID, INTRASOFT’s own Digital Communication Analytics platform. Contact us and get Varid!