Just like the footprints in the sand, each step signifies the journey taken”, a saying that I recently felt hit really close to home.

About a year ago, I took my first professional steps at INTRASOFT International’s Marketing & Communications Department.

Being in a corporate working environment made my anxiety levels reach new heights and all sorts of questions popped up, out of nowhere. Is this the right path for my career? Will this particular company help me build the career path I want? Will I rise to the occasion? Will they like me as a person? Will I like them? Will they help me build the right work ethics? Will they empower me? the work ethic required? Enough with my irrational thoughts, you get the picture.

Guess what, during my internship nobody died, nobody got injured and the planet did not explode. Actually, it was exactly the opposite. Every day I met new people, worked side by side with really inspiring colleagues and shared ideas and plans. Every day was a unique lesson for me. I tried to experience it with all my heart and passion and I did it. The environment and conditions prevailing here do not leave you space for anything less. This company was able to give me a different perspective through the eyes of each employee and make me want to achieve more.

It’s been almost a year and I still feel the excitement of the first days. But not the anxiety! Now I know that when you team up with the right people, in the right environment the sky is the limit. Now I am no longer an Intern, I am officially part of a group of professionals with a vision and a mission. To bring value to everything we do.

And damn am I glad to have taken the step that signified this journey!


Author: Andreas Papadopoulos.